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This is a conceptual online real estate platform that focuses on rental properties. The platform allows users to search for and list rental properties across the United States, with a focus on reliability and trust between renters and property owners.

High-fidelity prototype

My Role: UX Researcher and Designer

Responsibilities: User Research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing

product slide.png
problem slide.png

Understanding the user

  • User research

  • Persona

  • User painpoints

  • User journey maps

  • Competitor audit

User research summary update.png
persona updated.png

User journey map

User Journey Map.png
Competitor Audit.png

Starting the design

  • Sitemap

  • Digital wireframes

  • Low-fidelity prototype

  • Usability studies


CheckSpots Sitemap.jpg

Low-fi wireframes: features

The objective was to design a rental platform that places significant emphasis on  a discussion, reviews and a roommate-finding section to encourage increased interaction and trust among renters.

Low fi wireframes.png

Low-fi wireframes: Usability Testing

After creating a low-fidelity, a usability study was conducted to test the platform's functionality. The initial round of testing aimed to determine the primary needs of the target audience, which were found to be quick access to information on available properties. Another testing was conducted after creating a high-fidelity prototype and it focused on renter interactions and roommate-finding features to enhance the user experience and improve overall trust within the platform.

Round 1 and 2 findings.png

Refining the design

  • Mockups

  • High-fidelity prototype

  • Accessibility

usability study.png

Mockups: After usability study 1

My focus was on creating a reliable review and rating system that allows users to gain valuable insights and build trust by interacting with other users. However, the usability study revealed that renters would benefit from a forum-style section with an optimized search feature. This would enable renters to access a wealth of information quickly and provide them with the best information to make informed rental decisions.

Before usability study 1

After usability study 1

Lo to hi before and after - community page.png
Lo to hi before and after.png

Before usability study 1

After usability study 1

I also prioritized improving the visual design of the home details/contact page by incorporating icons for each feature of the rental home. Additionally, I identified the need to include the future feature of 3D touring the property and added a button for that. To enhance the user experience, I relocated the close button to a more accessible location directly underneath.

Mockups: After usability study 2

In the second usability study, it became apparent that improving the user experience while accessing rental details and verifying successful message delivery to property owners was crucial. It was also important to ensure that users receive a notification confirming the successful delivery of their sent messages and can easily access and view them later on.

For the following mockup, I incorporated a navigation system that allows for easy scanning of specific sections. Additionally, in the messaging system, I grayed out the message boxes after sending to confirm that the user can no longer edit the message. Finally, I added a link to the messaging page that allows users to view the message sent and confirm that the message was successfully delivered.

Before usability study 2

After usability study 2

Mock up usability study 2.png

Key flows - High fidelity prototype

During the usability testing, participants found the forum-style platform feature to be highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it enabled them to connect with other renters who had similar experiences and ask for advice. Secondly, the feature allowed users to communicate directly with property owners, improving transparency and accountability. Finally, the forum-style platform was found to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Connected flows.png

Going forward

  • Takeaways

  • Next steps

Takeaways with title.png
Next steps.png


High-fidelity prototype

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